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Monday, February 28, 2011

Hello Kitty Birthday and Summer Hair

This past weekend we celebrated my sister's 24th Birthday! It was so much fun! Here are just a few pics from the night!

Hello Kitty Cake that I made.

Another view

My fun pom poms I made!

 My hubby and sister
 Me and my sister
My sister and brother and sister in-law

 My brother and sister in law
Kelley blowing out her candles

The inside of the cake! I loved how it turned out! It was delish!

My mom and dad! I think Mike was making my momma laugh

Dad being a cheerleader! LOL!

Now onto SUMMER hair ideas. I have been thinking of doing something pretty drastic with my hair this summer. I will definately need a great tan to pull it off. What do you all think of this?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This past weekend was soooooooo much fun! My hubby and I spent Friday evening going to our favorite Mexican restaurant and then hopping on over to BIG LOTS to check out their outdoor patio furniture. Well, on our way in they Hubby spotted a leather sectional. The Hubby is ALL about sectionals. We've gone back and forth with whether or not to get one or just use the 2 sofa's we already have. I hate that with the 2 sofa's we aren't able to lounge comfortably together because the man's 6'3"and I'm scrunched up in a ball on the other end. Well, we came home and all we talked about was how nice that leather sectional would be in our house. We measured the room, and decided where we'd put it....we were hooked! So, Saturday we got up and kept talking about it. See... they told us at BIG LOTS that on March 6th the sofa would be 20% off! WOW! We wanted to wait to take advantage of this great offer but worried about there being any left by then. They only had 1 on display and 1 in the back. YIKES! So, back to our FUN weekend....on Saturday we headed to Knoxville and shopped and ate and just had the best day together. We're best friends and since I usually work on Saturday's we don't get to spend a whole lot of time together on the weekend. So, we had a blast! I bought some new clothes and sunglasses and makeup and we ate some amazing pizza at Brixx Pizza...yum! If you've not tried it you should. Then for dinner we had Five Guy's Burger's and Fries. Gosh we sure ate a lot over the weekend! Well, so we came home and started talking about the sectional again. Sunday morning came and we went down to BIG LOTS to check it out one more time...oh I forgot to mention that we went by BIG LOTS on our way to Knoxville on Sat. too just to see it again...LOL! So, we decided on Sunday to go ahead and pull the trigger. We really wanted this sofa and it was already at such a great price. The sales man had seen us in there now for the 3rd time and he said to us...."I'm going to go ahead and give you all the sale price on the sofa!" Oh, my word! We almost jumped up and down and screamed like 2 school girls...but we composed ourselves and just smiled real big and thanked the kind gentlemen. So without further ado here's the NEW sectional we bought! We can't pick it up until this weekend. Now it's a lot darker in person than it looks in this picture. It's a rich dark brown.
Okay, now onto Bachelor Monday....I am pulling for Ms. Emily! I LOVE her! She's a doll! But what I really want to talk about is her house! It's amazing!!!  I WANT HER HOUSE!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Exterior Love

All of this unusually warm February weather has got me dreaming about the exterior of my home. We've slowly gotten some things done to the exterior but it is a work in progress. We plan to do several things to our home this spring/summer. I'm so excited about it! Here are a few pics that have inspired me for our projects.
We will also be touching up the paint on the front of our house. When we pulled out old landscaping it revealed some bricks that hadn't been painted and we need to fix a few bricks around our porch.

We want to plant shrubs under the right front window like the ones here.

LOVE the window box here and of course the RED door. We want a new mailbox and stand too!

Another window box! I LOVE these red flowers and plan on planting them in our window boxes.

I want to plant flowers in my two urns and get a couple more planters for near the door.

Want to get some nice outdoor patio furniture for our brick patio in the back of our house.

Love the chair and side table here. Its cute and quaint.

We will be planting some new grass! We need it badly.

We want NEW hardware for our front door.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Things I LOVE!

These are the things I LOVE!

Outdoor Fireplace and patios.
 Decadent Treats
 Red White and Blue Decor




Pink Popcorn

Shutters & Window Boxes


Chalkboards & Calligraphy


Romantic Rooms

French Twists

Tartan Plaid

Thursday, February 10, 2011

30 for 30 challenge and SNOW!

I have been reading several blogs lately where girls are doing a 30 day wardrobe challenge using ONLY 30 items from their closet. I LOVE this idea! It causes you to SHOP your closet and be creative with your style. You also cannot shop for clothing or shoes during this 30 day period. Well, I am going to take the challenge. I am so excited! I will start my challenge on March 1st. This will give me plenty of time to plan out each outfit and get my closet in order. If anyone else in interested in doing this go to Kendi Lea's blog and check it out! Just click on the 30 for 30 tab at the top. I look forward to posting my outfit each day and seeing what all of you come up with if you take the challenge too. A few other blogs that have done the challenge more than once are Teacher Misty and what would a nerd wear? Go check them out! They have fun fabulous blogs!

Now onto the subject of SNOW!!! I must say that I LOVE snow. I love it sooooooo much that I get sad in the winter when we don't see a lot of it. As the end of February approaches I see our chances for a BIG snow becoming less and less. I wish that we would get a blizzard of snow like we did back in '93. Yes, that's right! Its been that long since we had a substantial amount of snow around here. I will continue to pray for a big snow! And by the way all you weather ppl....yeah you know who you are. All the meteorologists....not EVERYONE likes a bright sunny day and warm temps. Some of us like rainy gloomy days and cold weather....so THERE!!! Can you tell I'm bitter today? Here are some pics of snow for you all to enjoy.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Misty from An Unpretentious Teacher gave me a Stylish Blogger Award today!!! Thanks Misty! Your a sweetheart and I LOVE your blog!


There are two things that are really HOT right now and they just happen to be two of my most favorite things. BANGS....but not just any bang. FULL on bangs! I LOVE bangs! I love them full and sleek and pieced out with long beautiful Victoria's Secret hair. YAY for BANGS!!! I also have a love affair with the NERDY glasses that are all over the place. They are SO Ralph Lauren!!! Their classic and preppy! Well, I have some now and I am loving them! I either get great compliments on them(from ppl who know what's "IN" and chic, or wierd stares from ppl who are like "What is she thinking?" All I know is they are in all the magazines....J.Crew, Ralph Lauren,Banana Republic,etc.... So, LOVE them! What are your two favorite fashion forward trends right now? Let me know!