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Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Summer Blues"

Even though summer has officially just begun, I find myself longing for fall to arrive. I absolutely LOVE fall. I LOVE everything about it. I am already starting to think about the special things I want to do when fall arrives. There's something so peaceful and quiet about the fall and life seems to slow down and I dream of rainy days and listening to Diana Krall's music and falling in love. Here are a few things that I am looking forward to this fall.
1. Having a picnic with my hubby in our backyard underneath our huge maple trees on a big tartan blanket on a chilly day.
2. Raking up a HUGE pile of leaves and jumping into it and taking lots of pics!
3. Wearing my NEW Ralph Lauren flannel shirt.
4. Picking pumpkins from my pumpkin garden and sharing them with friends.
5. Sippin' on some delicious hot apple cider.
6. Lighting my Hot Maple Toddy candle from The Candleberry Co.(my fav.).
7. Building a huge fire in the back yard and gathering with friends to enjoy it.
8. Opening all the windows in the house to feel the cool crisp autumn air.
9. Celebrating 2 yrs of marriage with my soulmate.
10. Going to some sort of fall festival.

Tell me your favorite fall things to do. I can't wait to hear!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I've finally posted pictures of the MAN CAVE in the post below. I was hoping to blog about the transformation day by day but the computer was taken apart and moved downstairs and i couldn't get a wireless signal on my laptop, so I wasn't able to tell y'all about all the fun my Mama and I had creating this special surprise for my MAN! It was worth all the blood, sweat, and tears(tears from the laughter of mom and I putting that new computer desk together and using a hammer to bust up the old one)when my honey came home and was speechless about what I had created for him. We even rented a movie and had our favorite pizza delivered that night and hung out in the "MAN CAVE." I can't believe I was allowed to enter in. So many people helped make this a success. My brother was able to hook me up with the internet and cable in the downstairs and he also helped me move most of the furniture downstairs. My dear friend Shana hooked me up with a FREE recliner, which my man is really enjoying. He's wanted a recliner for sooooo long. My sweet mama came down and stayed with me the entire weekend and helped me clean, organize, and assemble the entire space. I still laugh when I think of her saying "Oh, the night is YOUNG!" "We can stay up as long as we need to." She's such a trooper and such a go getter! Love that woman and my hubby LOVES his room!