I'm just a southern girl livin' a Charmed Life with my husband in Tennessee. I love all things romantic and I think that glitter can make anything beautiful. This is my journey, hope you can come along...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Farmer's Know Best and I'm feeling LUCKY!

Many people around this neck of the woods are just hatin' on all the snow we've been having here in East TN. Over the past 10 yrs we've not had very much snow and every year people are complaing about it(Probably "ME" the most) and now we're finally having a GREAT WHITE WINTER and people are sick of it already. Good Grief people! I myself am a LOVER of the snow. I love to sit by my window in my BIG comfy chair curled up with a blanket just watching it fall. Snow is so magical. It brings a since of calm over me unlike anything else. This morning my husband wakes me up and say's"Honey, it's snowing outside!!!!" I said to him" Is it really? Your not joking right?" You see SNOW is not a joking matter at our house....its very serious business. I knew as soon as I saw the snow outide my window this morning that it was going to be a great day! My honey who teaches got out of school and I had the day off, so we bundled up and went out to Mickey D's for breakfast .(We always have to get out in the snow and do something even if its just driving around in it).  While we were sitting there eating our delicious breakfast burritos the best idea came to mind.....POWER BALL!  You see every night my honey and I see the powerball come on and we always yell out our guesses. We laugh b/c we always talk about when we win the lottery, but hey we've never played....So today after we finished eating we went across the street to purchase our very FIRST PowerBall ticket! WOOHOO!!! We stood there trying to pick out the most lucky numbers we could think of(these would be dates,ages,etc..we're both very sentimental) and talking back and forth about how we'll spend our fortune. It was such a rush! And even though I'm not a gamblin' girl my honey's in education and it goes towards that right? RIGHT! So for today I am just sitting in my chair watching the snow fall and enjoying being still. And of course waiting until 6:59 tonight when they will announce the winner of powerball. Unlike lately this snow wasn't even forcast but it came anyway. The Farmer's Almanac is calling for a very cold and snowy winter which I am very excited about.

Monday, February 8, 2010

These Foolish Things Remind Me of YOU!

Well as you all are very aware this weekend is VALENTINE'S DAY! This is my second favorite holiday. I am such a sucker for romance. I absolutely LOVE having a day where all I do is LOVE all over my Honey! My Honey and I have always made our VALENTINE'S for each other and every year he totally out does me....wuz up with dat? I mean I'm suppose to be the one that breaks out all the glitter and stickers and puts him to shame right? Well for some reason when it comes to this sort of thing I am NOT creative at all....this is one reason I am not at all into scrapbooking. Well I like to think that I make up for it in other ways like makin' my scrumptious Chocolate Covered Strawberries....what's V-Day without them? This Year my honey and I have decided to spend our V-day at home. I am really looking forward to this too.I really want to wake up earlier than my honey on v-day morning and make my honey breakfast in bed. I want to put the sunday paper on the tray and everything...I know I've seen way too many movies. I have always wanted to make heart shaped waffles and freshly squeezed orange juice. I can't think of a better date than to be snuggled up on the sofa in my pj's with my MAN watching sappy chick flicks,(when harry met sally,sleepless in seattle,Love Jones and Pretty Woman) eating strawberries and sippin' on champagne,dancing to Michael Buble and just being together,aah. Well I hope that each of you have a FABULOUS VALENTINE'S DAY! I look forward to reading about how you spent your day!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


One of my most favorite things to do is decorate! I love changing out the accessories in my home as the season's and holiday's change. I absolutely love watching Sandra Lee on the Food Network just to see her table at the end of the show. It is always so inspiring. I had a swap party at my house on Friday night and here are some pics from the tablescape of the kitchen island.I wish I had one after i put all the food out but i don't. I would love to hear all your ideas and advice for creating the perfect tablescape.