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Sunday, March 27, 2011

House Projects.

This weekend seemed to fly by. I had a chance Saturday to clean out our 3rd bedroom. It has been a catch all for almost two years. I've been waiting for the weather to warm up so that I could move some large items into our basement and make this room into a functional guest room. It will eventually become a nursery but until then I want to be able to have the door open. So, I now have a bed set up and a night stand with a lamp. I won't do anything to this room until I am pregnant and know what the baby will be. I only want to decorate it once.  I've FINALLY figured out my living room!!! YIPPEE!!! WOOHOO!!! I'm so excited too! Okay, it is a  BIG joke at our house that I've painted the living room twice and the kitchen three times in less than two years. Well, this is about to become three and four times. HA!! I've decided to go ahead and paint the living room and kitchen a color that I should have done all along, Jekyll Crane Cottage Yellow. It's a buttery creamy neutral yellow. Right now my two rooms are Dijon by Benjamin Moore, and for some reason during certain times of the day it has an orange tint to it and it drives me crazy! I can't stand it! I've seen Jekyll Crane Cottage Yellow in two of my friends homes and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It goes great with all the colors I LOVE! If you saw my last post you saw my inspiration for the three rooms I am working on at the moment. This color will work great with them. My taste in this house has been hard for me to figure out. I see soooo many things that I LOVE and so it makes it so hard for me to decide on something. But I ALWAYS go back to my cottage style decor. I LOVE it more than anything.  I am going to be moving my toile living room curtains into my kitchen and selling the ones in my kitchen.  I have black and cream buffalo check fabric on my kitchen chairs and I think that will work great with the toile. I am planning on having panels made for the living room out of red and white buffalo check fabric. I will be painting my kitchen cabinets a nice creamy white this summer and adding some toile valances or balloon shades to my sink window and door window. I want to add in pops of red and a little green throughout the kitchen too. Anyone else have any projects going on right now?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Room Inspirations For My Home

If you love to decorate like I do you may find yourself collecting endless copies of home decor magazines. I have storage containers full of them. I don't have a scanner for my computer so I went online to find pics of rooms that I absolutely LOVE! I've turned these pics into collages and have them saved on my computer. I'm working on clipping pics out of my magz to put into a nice 3 ring binder so that I can purge all of my magazines.
Here are a few collages I've put together of color and decor inspiration for my home. I'm working on my bedroom right now and 1/2 bath. Here's the colors I LOVE!
 The next collage is color and fabric inspiration for my living room.
and last but certainly not least. The kitchen inspiration.


This week has been such a busy one. I've had a lot of projects on my plate and work is beginning to get crazy, but I NEVER complain about making money. Lately I've been thinking about how to save my family money when it comes to grocery shopping and buying gasoline. I seem to spend sooo much money each week at the grocery store because I don't have much of a plan and I come home feeling like I paid all that money and don't have a thing to fix for supper. I shopped at Food City this week and finally had someone explain the fuel bucks plan to me. Well, thanks to Mrs. Emily over at The Stay-at-Home Mom I have gained so much knowledge this week about grocery shopping and coupon clipping. I am sooo pumped about getting my sales paper this Sunday and printing off online coupons and saving saving saving. I'm also going to sit down and plan out my meals according to what I can buy on sale for the week. I am going to cook every night through the week and on Sunday afternoon. This will save us money to be able to go out for a date night on Saturday! I've always wanted to be that wife that has a hot meal waiting for her man as he comes in from work and sometimes its hard because of my work schedule, so I'm going to try and figure out some crockpot meals as well. One site in paticular that seems to be packed full of stuff is Southern Savers. Check it out! Emily also talks about her savings this week at Walgreens. I think you will find her blog posts this week to be very helpful! So go save yourself some money so you can buy yourself that NEW pair of shoes or get yourself that much needed pedicure!