I'm just a southern girl livin' a Charmed Life with my husband in Tennessee. I love all things romantic and I think that glitter can make anything beautiful. This is my journey, hope you can come along...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Comfort Food

Okay so I'm suppose to be on a DIET. It seems to be the story of my life. This cold snowy weather hasn't helped me at all. This time of year all I want is a hot plate of food. A salad just won't do! Everything had been going great until today.I spoke to my mother and she was going on and on about her pot of soupbeans she'd been cooking and how she had cooked them with the ham bone I had given her from the Christmas ham. I could almost taste them. Then after talking to her I spoke to my SIS and she tells me about this delicious home cooked meal she had the night before that included meatloaf,mashed taters,all the fixin's.I want potroast,mashed potatoes,macaroni and cheese,cornbread,soupbeans,you get the picture. I've been snowed in the last two days and all I could think about was baking brownies and making a delicious hot meal for supper. I just need to do this to get it out of my system. Tonight a Lean Cuisine just won't do! If anyone has any lowfat comfort food recipes please send them my way.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


It must be the snow that has inspired me today. Snow seems to do that. It's so beautiful as it falls and begins to lay on the trees and cover the ground. I've been thinking a lot about my home these last few days and what projects I want to start on and finish. Before I knew it I was grabbing my scissors out of the junk drawer and snipping the thread on my balloon curtains in my kitchen. YIKES!!!! I just don't know what's come over me! See I had something different in mind and even game my curtain lady a pic of EXACTLY what I wanted when I brought her my fabric for the project. I am a VERY specific person and VERY detailed....sometimes OCD...okay I admit it. I am trying to get better but that's just who I am. I had been carrying around a pic in my scrapbook of my favorite things for about two years. I was more than ready to committ to these curtains and live with them for years to come. So,I go to pick them up and of course you don't know what things will look like until they are hung up and poofed and all that,so I come home and hang them(its Christmas Eve)and well I was disapointed....BIG time! What's a girl to do. I had spent WAY TOO much money to not use them and complaning about it to the lady wouldn't have gotten me anywhere because the damage had been done. Did she not understand the pic! Really? Okay so you get the point. I was not happy! Well I just decided that I would take it upon myself to snip the threads and the whole time I'm thinking...hmmm this could turn out to be a disaster. Well, it didn't! I like them so much more and I have decided to add a trim to them myself using a hot glue gun(the best GUN there is). I am discovering that my home only has to live up to MY expectations and no one elses. As long as I am lovin' it and comfortable in it that is all that matters. So, while I was overcome with some inspiration I also took on another small project...the other day I was surfing the net and came across the cutest Chandelier sleeves. They had polkadots. Well I am cookoo for polkadots...love em' love love love me some polkadots. I thought to myself...hmmmm spend $15 a pair or just take off the sleeves of my black chandeliers and use a handy dandy paint marker and make me some polka dots. Well I usually talk to my SIS about all my ideas before I follow through with them...I really like to talk things out with her and get her opionion. She says to me " Well, if you do it, its perminate. You spent a lot on those and well I would just hate for you to mess them up!" What the? Geez thanks Kelley! So I start second guessing my decision and think oh my she's right what if? Then a calm comes over me and I thought....SPRAY PAINT! The can of magic. If its a bust I will just spray paint over those little suckers, YES that is what i'll do! Let me tell ya' they are pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. I'm impressed. Hopefully the inspiration will keep on coming. I will be posting pics soon and over the next couple of days I hope to finish painting the other side of my kitchen and hanging my new chalkboard frames I ordered. I am soooo very excited about these frames.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Get's Me in The Mood....The Cleaning Mood that is!

For some reason the best thing for me to get in the mood for cleaning is to light one of my favorite candles. It seems that as the aroma begins to fill the room all I want to do is get my home spick and span so that I can then sit and relax in my clean home while the scent of Hot Maple Toddy is in the air. If you've never heard of Candleberry candles you have been missing out! They are by far the BEST candles out there. They blow Yankee,and Slatkin out of the water. They come in many scents, but my favorite by far is the Hot Maple Toddy. Yummy! It makes your home smell like you've just cooked up a huge batch of pancakes with hot maple syrup. If you can't find a place near you that sells them they have a website so go check'em out!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New York New York!!!

This time of year I always get the strong desire to visit NYC! Between watching Serendipity,Sleepless in Seattle,and You've Got Mail its not wonder. I have never been to the BIG apple but I romanticise about it all the time. I dream about going to Central Park for a Carrage Ride in the snow of course,Eating at Tavern On The Green(well that was until I found out their doors are closing),Shopping in China Town,Ice Skating in Central Park,having a piece of pie,eating a hot dog from a street vendor,dancing on the BIG piano at FAO Schwarz, shopping at MACY'S,Tiffany and Co. well you get the picture. I want to visit NYC soooo much. If I were planning a trip this is where I would stay and what I would do! Enjoy the pics! This is my virtual trip and maybe one day the hubbs and I can go and turn this dream into a reality. If you've been to NYC leave me a comment with what your favorite things to do are.

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Home is a Collection of the things I cannot live without.

Well, i don't know about anyone else but my home has been so hard for me to figure out as far as the decorating goes. I look through hundreds of magz for ideas on what color schemes to go with and what sort of look and feel I wanted my home to have and slowly,but surely I'm figuring it out. The best advice a friend gave me was to take one room at a time. If you take on too many projects at once you won't ever complete them and you might continue to change your mind a lot. I was reading an article the other day that was written by a designer in the D.C.area and she said not to buy anything you aren't obsessed with. I LOVE that bit of advice. I have come to find that if I will just let a wall sit empty that in due time I will find that perfect piece to fill it, but if I make a hasty choice chances are I won't end up loving my purchase and I'll have wasted money on something I don't really love. It seems that the things I have continued to keep over the years and can't part with are those things that when I bought them I could not resist! And even though they were all purchased at different times and when I was going through different phases of decor style they all seem to tie together somehow and look great. My kitchen is my main project right now.

I have purchased 2 awesome chalkboards( that I will post pics of)for a wall in my kitchen and I have looked at these suckers on-line now for about 3months. I know I am in-love with them. I cannot wait to get them and put them up! I plan on hanging the Red mirror up on the left side of the window and I need something cool and funky to hang on the other side. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. I know that it takes a lifetime to fill in your home with this and that and I look forward to the journey.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Let Me Introduce Myself"

Hey Y'all! I'm a southern girl born and raised in Tennessee. I love decorating,cooking,and being a domestic diva. Winter time is my favorite time of year and I enjoy nothing more than staying inside on a cold snowy day with my hot maple totti candle lit as I'm snuggled up with my favorite blanket watching reruns of "Gilmore Girls". I married the man of my dreams just a little over a year ago we just bought our first home. My whole life I have wanted to be married,have a beautiful home, and start a family. The first two dreams have come true and hopefully within this year the third will become true too. I've decided to start this blog to share my journey with other bloggers. I'll be posting my decorating projects,my favorite recipes,and just blogging. Since winter is my favorite time of year, I have decided to post some pics of my favorite winter scenes. Enjoy!